Friday, October 9, 2009

Ready for Battle!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, a lot of things has happened over the past few weeks, that I will soon go into detail but the real shocker was the aftermath of Ondoy, nobody saw that coming and everybody was caught off guard.
Thank God it’s finally over and people are now starting to get back on their feet. Another thing that I am grateful is that my lawyer Atty. Trixie came back. I sent her to the U.S. to investigate leads that we have been getting about Belo’s business activities. True enough, Atty. Trixie did not come home empty handed.

I would like to thank the people who tipped us off and the wonderful Filipino community of LA and San Francisco who became a fundamental part of Trixie’s research. Now we have gathered more than enough information about the hydro gel that Vicky Belo herself promised several of her patients (including me) that it is 100% safe and permanent.

Other than that, we are also found out possible liabilities of her “business”, we located and found her booking agents, revenue generation, and possible dubious activities to Filipino expat communities which lead to (and I’m so happy to tell this) spark the interest of US and international Media on her business practices and I will make sure that my story will be heard this time! Belo maybe able to pay the local networks to down play my story but I don’t think she can silence PBS, CNN, google and yahoo news.

Since Trixie went all over the US sourcing all information that she could get, we were able to get possible cosmetic surgeons who are real experts that could stand as witnesses on our trial. When they heard my story they were flabbergasted and are willing to help. The Filipino Expat News paper also became interested on my fight for justice.

We also found out that Vicky Belo’s claim that she was invited to go to the US to give a talk was actually, her paying people to set up an event and her paying her own airfare. She wasn’t invited-she set it all up! She invited herself on her own speaking event and told the world that she was invited! Pathetic!

So right now, our side is getting stronger and more ready to go into court while! This it Vicky Belo! You may be well connected but I have the passion to turn you down! You messed with the wrong the person Belo!


E said...

Yeah Bring that bitch down! GO Trixie and Josie! Inject her head with hydrogel!!! feed her to a pack of hungry and horny pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

Tama ka na Belo. Sumosobra ka na. Nakakasakit ka na masyado.

Anonymous said...

Belo Medical Group shouldn't really be using practices or products are aren't really safe. They should be punished for that. But the fact remains that you did sign papers before the operation. I'm not a lawyer, but I believe that if you sign something, it will be is legal and binding. So I'm not sure if you will win but at least you're trying. I think it's a lesson for everyone to just be contented with you have. Other people have no money to pay for food, but the others just waste it by making themselves more beautiful than they already are because they're not secured of themselves. I hope what ever the outome of this case is, you'll find the peace that you're looking for.