Friday, October 9, 2009

Ready for Battle!

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog, a lot of things has happened over the past few weeks, that I will soon go into detail but the real shocker was the aftermath of Ondoy, nobody saw that coming and everybody was caught off guard.
Thank God it’s finally over and people are now starting to get back on their feet. Another thing that I am grateful is that my lawyer Atty. Trixie came back. I sent her to the U.S. to investigate leads that we have been getting about Belo’s business activities. True enough, Atty. Trixie did not come home empty handed.

I would like to thank the people who tipped us off and the wonderful Filipino community of LA and San Francisco who became a fundamental part of Trixie’s research. Now we have gathered more than enough information about the hydro gel that Vicky Belo herself promised several of her patients (including me) that it is 100% safe and permanent.

Other than that, we are also found out possible liabilities of her “business”, we located and found her booking agents, revenue generation, and possible dubious activities to Filipino expat communities which lead to (and I’m so happy to tell this) spark the interest of US and international Media on her business practices and I will make sure that my story will be heard this time! Belo maybe able to pay the local networks to down play my story but I don’t think she can silence PBS, CNN, google and yahoo news.

Since Trixie went all over the US sourcing all information that she could get, we were able to get possible cosmetic surgeons who are real experts that could stand as witnesses on our trial. When they heard my story they were flabbergasted and are willing to help. The Filipino Expat News paper also became interested on my fight for justice.

We also found out that Vicky Belo’s claim that she was invited to go to the US to give a talk was actually, her paying people to set up an event and her paying her own airfare. She wasn’t invited-she set it all up! She invited herself on her own speaking event and told the world that she was invited! Pathetic!

So right now, our side is getting stronger and more ready to go into court while! This it Vicky Belo! You may be well connected but I have the passion to turn you down! You messed with the wrong the person Belo!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Grabe na ito.

I think a lot of people know Atty. Argee Guevarra. I hired him as my lawyer for the case I am filing against the Belo Medical Group.

Well, today, the Belo Medical Group filed a LIBEL case against him because of his FACEBOOK statuses!!!

Wow, as in, wow!

I will leave it to the media and to the judges how they will treat the case. But let me add my two sentiments:

  1. In the complaint, item number six, it says there that “It must be emphasized that Ms. Norcio’s grievance and complaint has never been formally and directly communicated to Dr. Belo or to BMGI; no formal demand letter has ever been received, nor has BMGI been asked to remedy any alleged errors. Instead of pursuing legitimate and appropriate means to resolve the dispute, both Ms. Norcio and Atty. Guevarra have opted to defame and slander BMGI in public through inflammatory media statements.

This is such a blatant LIE. We have approached them several times, talked to their medical director, to their lawyers and to whoever they sent as representatives.

We have documents to prove that we have approached them formally and have requested medical and financial remedy. In fact, we started with merely asking for medical records. Later, I will all of you a timeline of how we have been fooled by these representatives.

  1. I think it is daring of Dr. Belo and the Belo Medical Group to file a case of libel based on Facebook. Ang kapal naman pala ng mukha nila.

All of that are nothing compared to my suffering and anguish.

Now I am more confident that I am doing the right thing when I decided to fight a giant like Belo. Someone has to stand up to them. Ako iyon.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It’s been quite awhile since I last updated my blog. I’ve been busy with numerous things. Aside from being a mother to two wonderful kids, I’ve been attending to the demands of running my own business and my ongoing legal battle against the Belo Medical Group.

It’s funny that a lot of people have been telling me to move on with my life. It’s hard. Every day, I have to face myself in front of the mirror and see that I lost a lot of my enthusiasm for life. No matter how hard I keep myself busy with work, every so often, I feel a sharp pang of pain on my buttocks that reminds me of the horror that I faced because of Vicky Belo’s lies.

The sad part is I can no longer carry my kids as it will cause stress on my open wounds. Now tell me? How can you tell me to move on when every day you are reminded of your disability caused by an evil manipulative person and her so-called group of “professionals” who make money out of cheating and lying to their patients?

My whole life has changed because of what happened to me and as much as I want to move on, I can’t. Unless I find the justice that I’ve been looking for. I want VICKY BELO to suffer as much as I have. I her and her cohorts to feel the pain that I feel every single time I look at myself in the mirror. This battle is not just for me. This is for the other victims of Belo medical group who are afraid to fight against her evil empire and also to warn other people not to commit the same mistake I made in trusting a lying, evil whore.

With that, I’d like to inform everybody about the progress of my case against Vicky Belo and the Belo Medical Group. I sent my lawyer, Atty. Trixie Angeles last week to the U.S. I asked her to go around different states to investigate further about how they perform butt augmentation and the use of the brand of hydrogel that was injected on me.

Atty. Trixie will source out REAL doctors who are experts on cosmetic surgery as possible witness on my case against Belo Medical Group. This is it, I am investing not only time but money so truth will finally come out and I can tell the whole world what a big liar Vicky Belo and Belo Medical Group really is!

Vicky Belo, it’s about time you own up to your mistakes! You already butchered several patients and you managed to kill a patient because of your “safe” liposuction procedure. You may be richer but I have the drive to put you down! Get ready Vicky Belo, I’m not scared of you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I recently found out that BELO medical group sued Glutamax some months ago; the grounds? “truth in advertising”. Apparently, Jinky Oda’s picture on that billboard is too white compared to her real complexion. I haven’t met Jinky Oda but I saw some of her pictures. I have to agree, the picture on that billboard was a bit too white than what is real; however, the fact still remains that Glutamax did make her complexion lighter.

Jinky and I have common friends, and aside from being an endorser for Glutamax, she is an advocate for healthy living. She told her friends that she stands by Glutamax and the doctors of YSA who made her skin a hundred times better and lighter than before. They are better unlike some endorsers who claim they use the products they endorse, but in reality, they are already blessed with close to perfect skin to begin with. Some of them have had some sort of medical procedure from a dermatologist.


Belo did sue Glutamax for a purpose. They wanted truth in advertising, but then again, let us check Belo’s current advertisements and endorsers shall we.

Piolo Pascual for BELO body

Bea Alonzo for Belo Body

Okay, so what is wrong with the endorsers? Nothing! They are just to die for! However, let me just point out that these celebrities are beautiful in the first place. Take Piolo Pascual, even before he was Belo’s endorser, he already has a body to die for. Now, Belo Medical Group is actually claiming that they are responsible for Piolo’s body?!

Even when he was still a That’s Entertainment starlet, he was already lifting weights and going on diets. This was even before he was Piolo Pascual. I think he had another name back then, I’m just not sure. When he released his first movie as a leading man “Lagarista,” he was all already yummy!

As for Bea Alonzo, she was naturally skinny even when she was still a kid. She was never fat or chubby! As a matter of fact, I could remember this one time when I was watching a talk show, one of the host recalls when she chatted with Bea and asked her about her diet for a film she was making. Bea said that she eats nothing but boiled bananas (Nilagang Saging) and water. I don’t recall the host saying that a part of Bea’s preparation was going to Belo to get liposuction.

The point here is simple, Belo sued Glutamax because of a photo that was printed lighter than what is real. But the endorser stands by the brand and product! Belo doesn’t do what they preach. They hire beautiful celebrities as endorsers and they take credit for their hard work bodies and naturally beautiful skin.